Welcome! I am Jessie. And this is a website containing some things that keep me busy.
You can find Illustrations, video’s and music around here. And there is also a shop where you can buy my work.
The core of my work finds it’s existence in everyday observations, concerns, outspoken thoughts and fantasies.
One of the main things that grasps my mind lately is the concept of time and space and what exists between the measurements that we use to mark it.
There is this weird thing happening in some streets. Where I stumble upon ideas every time at the same location. I started making a map of all those places. It might be useful someday. I am wondering if more people have this with certain places.. Or even at the same spot?
Some of the works show a precision that is established by an intuitive frequent practice of mental processes. It might feel slightly uncomfortable when being there while the inner sanctuary of my brain is operating out loud and in abundance.
While making it I can feel an overwhelming contrast between the lightest light and the darkest dark. I believe that there is something empowering about reaching out for the darkness.
It sometimes feels like waking up on the wrong side of reality. Which is very addictive.