Stekkerdoos is my first solo music project.

Dreamy noise with a touch of dark. Field recordings, cassette tape sampling, live vocals, drones and beats.
Sometimes it even includes a powerpoint presentation, dia-slide-show, delicious food or a bike!

Stekkerdoos – #1, download €3 Go to bandcamp

Tape + download €4,- (SOLD OUT)
Coma Culture, compilation, digital release go to Bandcamp
Antilounge 18, compilation, CD Go to Bandcamp
Stekkerdoos – Fietst, download €4 Go to Bandcamp

Tape + download €5,- (SOLD OUT)

 Stekkerdoos – Kalender

There is a new Stekkerdoos show on it’s way!
Now in the shape of an audiovisual show, a hand drawn illustrated movie with live music.

The subject is located somewhere in between sleeping and waking up, fantasy and reality.
An embodiment and translation of what you can or can’t think, see and feel.

In januari the music of this project will be released at No-Rent Records in Philadelphia (U.S.A).
In januari also the try-out shows will start, where I will be playing parts of the show.
The total show will take about an hour.



Stekkerdoos – Fietst (cycles)

03/03/2017 the performance is to be seen for the very first time. During the release party of Antilounge 18. A compilation CD with various artists, among a song of Stekkerdoos, made with the bike.

Stekkerdoos – Fietst toured around the Netherlands between in may 2017. I cycled rom city to city, every day ± 75 KM. On the way I record sounds I hear and write lyrics I stumble up on. In the evening, every day an other city, there is a live performance with an unique composition build of the recorded sounds, the created lyrics and the sound of my bike (through a contact-mic).

Stekkerdoos - Fietst

Poster stekkerdoos fietst


Sound examples:


Stekkerdoos – Noot (nut)

During this performance I crack nuts, break some cookies, grind all kinds of ingredients, record the sound of it and manipulate those sounds live. At the end of the performance I finished a snack for the audience.