Stekkerdoos is my first solo music project.

Live cassette tape action. Dreamy noise with a touch of dark. Field recordings on tape, cassette tape sampling and occasionally live vocals.
Sometimes it even includes a dia-slide-show, delicious food or a bike!

Stekkerdoos – #1, download €3 Go to bandcamp Tape + download €4,- (only for sale at gig)
Coma Culture, compilation, digital release go to Bandcamp
Antilounge 18, compilation, CD Go to Bandcamp
Stekkerdoos – Fietst, download €4 Go to Bandcamp Tape + download €5,- (only for sale at gig)


Stekkerdoos – Fietst (cycles)

03/03/2017 the performance is to be seen for the very first time. During the release party of Antilounge 18. A compilation CD with various artists, among a song of Stekkerdoos, made with the bike.

Stekkerdoos – Fietst will go on tour between 03-05-2017 and 28-05-2017.
I will ride my bike from city to city, every day ± 75 KM. On the way I will record sounds I hear and write lyrics I stumble up on. In the evening, every day an other city, there will be a live performance with an unique composition build of the recorded sounds, the created lyrics and the sound of my bike (through a contact-mic).

Stekkerdoos - Fietst

Poster stekkerdoos fietst


Sound examples:


Stekkerdoos – Noot (nut)

During this performance I crack nuts, break some cookies, grind all kinds of ingredients, record the sound of it and manipulate those sounds live. At the end of the performance I finished a snack for the audience.