Stekkerdoos is my first solo music project.

Dreamy noise with a touch of dark. Field recordings, cassette tape sampling, live vocals, drones and beats.
Sometimes it even includes a hand illustrated movie, powerpoint presentation, dia-slide-show, delicious food or a bike!

Stekkerdoos – Kalender

Since januari 2019 Stekkerdoos is performing “Kalender”. A meditation on the concept of time and what exists between the measurements that we use to mark it. Sometimes surreal, sometimes familiar.

“Kalender” is being performed live, it is a hand illustrated movie with live music.

In januari 2019 the music of this project was released at No-Rent Records in Philadelphia (U.S.A).
In januari also the try-out shows started, where she will be playing parts of the show.
The total show will take about an hour.

Stekkerdoos – Kalender, tape for sale at gigs or online at No Rent Records: Go to the store download at Bandcamp
Stekkerdoos – #1, tape for sale at gigs (SOLD OUT) download Go to bandcamp 
Coma Culture, compilation, digital release go to Bandcamp
Antilounge 18, compilation, CD Go to Bandcamp
Stekkerdoos – Fietst, tape for sale at gigs (SOLD OUT) download Go to Bandcamp


Listen to the whole album on Soundcloud

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