A collaboration between Maarten Epskamp and Jessie Hoefnagel

Dark Electronic Rituals
The music of Gartmalen is characterized by dark synths , distorted vocals, trippy rhythms and an occasional hardcore kick drum. A blend of Synth Wave, Witch House, Drones, and Electro leads to a quit unique sound that ranges from ethereal to obscure, from abstract to earthy.

Live shows are known for the ritual character, mystical masks and alienating costumes, which are sometimes changed several times during the performance. With their music and performance Gartmalen pays tribute to the imagination and free association. An extraordinary universe of dark dreams and the subconscious comes to life.

G∆RTM∆LEN – EXBEHAVIOR @ Bandcamp (digital)
G∆RTM∆LEN – EXBEHAVIOR @ Phantasma Disques (CDR)
G∆RTM∆LEN – YesYes @ Antilounge compilation album, bandcamp (digital)
G∆RTM∆LEN – EXBEH∆VIOR – T∆PES (for sale at gigs)